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Our experience spans over 10 years. It is not simply our job, it is our passion.

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KC Corey,
202 262 2639

BYU Language Tutor

Information: I was asked to implement the vision of TWS owner and BYU instructor which would allow college students to engage in ongoing practice of foreign language (in this case Russian).

Technologies: Xhtml, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and XML

• Program Development Process
• Implementation of prototype
• Consulting video formats and development

PennState Law

Information: I was asked to participate in implementing a JQuery / Javascript / PHP / MySQL managed solution that would allow easy management of the Penn State Law front page component as to avoid flash being used on the site.

Technologies: Xhtml, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

• Project Lead for component implementation
• Plan and Program backb-end DB and CRUD
• Implement front end jQuery


Information: As lead developer and technologist in Peanutbutter, I had the opportunity to develop the iPhone app, design and implement the e-commerce system/web site and lead a great team in making the site and brand feel just right.

Technologies: Xhtml, CSS, PHP, MySQL, XML, RealBasic, Javascript, Prototype, Script.aculo.us, OsCommerce, Video Compression, and more

• Systems Development Life Cycle
• Web site Development Process
• e-Commerce and Implementation
• Disaster recovery, Networking
• Lead Technology Consultant
• And More


Information: MassTranscription requested that I help them create an online presence that would support their start-up business to enter the market. Responsible for branding, architecture design, graphic design, implementation and initial SEO/SEM.

Technologies: Xhtml, Javascript, PHP, SEO

• Systems Development Life Cycle
• Web site Development Process
• Company Identity (Logo, Branding)
• Designed, Developed & Implemented
• Search Engine Marketing - Optimization
• Marketing Consulting

Gresham & Beach

Information: I was asked to participate in the development of a site which utilizes remoting between frames (2004) and create a database, actionscript (flash AS2) and Menu system. The team and I conceptualized the site and Implemented.

Technologies: Xhtml, CSS, Javascript, PHP, mySQL, (Ajax), Actionscript

• Team Brainstorming and Design
• MySQL Database Development
• Flash menu, Actionscript
• Early Ajax inter-iframe remoting

Other Notable Projects:

  • IPhoneApp: Apps-Mars Solar Saver
  • iPhoneApp: Peanutbuttersticks
  • iPhoneApp:9 Prototype
  • Howard University (Department)
  • Bard-honorscollege University Prototype
  • Arizona Wellness Council
  • AldaDesign
  • BlackWolfWeapons
  • SWS Energy Solutions (Tucson Electric Company)
  • Zona78(rev2)
  • Intec Services, Inc.
  • ShesaSheila
  • SunglowRanch(v.1)
  • Wildcat Storage
  • SushiSavvy
  • StadiumExperts
  • Tucson Green Homes
  • TucsonREO
  • Catel
  • Tuesday Business Leads Group
  • Johnston Consulting Group
  • Misco
  • SeedCookie
  • Epic Cafe
  • Foothills Mall Az
  • Mass Transcription
  • Sunglow Ranch
  • Zona78
  • West End Studio
  • Metro Auto Car Sales
  • Digital Mail Service
  • Master Consultants
  • Tachiz Travel
  • Tachiz Real Estate
  • Madcad e-commerce cart
  • AddictionSolutions
  • TemplarPanama
  • CostaRica.Web.com
  • CommonWealthAdoptions
  • AnthonyDavidBooks
  • ACM
  • MG2
  • InnsideBarcelona
  • OakRealty
  • Kellogg's
  • 508 Compliance Projects

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